Survive: A blink was all she could do


When After five months, surviving from a deathly accident Claira opened her eyes, she found herself in the hospital room. Her entire body was paralyzed and her movements were restricted to her eyes. An initial head CT scan in the emergency department revealed that she was suffering from ” Locked-in-Syndrome” following “Ventral Pontine” hemorrhage. She was suffering from a neurological disorder characterized by complete paralysis of voluntary muscles in all parts of the body except those that controlled her eye movements. She was fully conscious and could think and reason but was unable to speak or move. She could only blink her eyes.

It was not only Claira but her father also got greatly affected by knowing her condition. He couldn’t believe the turn of events in their life. Seeing her in such helpless condition was not very easy but for him it was a gift that she survived.

Claira’s eyes slowly opened to see raindrops falling from the window pane admitting that it was raining outside. Her eyes found the ceiling above and the side walls painted in white. But her real concentration was the rain. She remembered how she always loved it. She had a sudden urge to feel the raindrops touching her skin but she couldn’t. For a moment she felt terrible to be left like that but then she realized that she survived death, that she could see this world a little longer, that she could survive a few more days or may be months. Her eyes lingered on the raindrops dripping from the window pane and she blinked giving  a deep sigh of satisfaction.

Life is not always what we wish for, it loves giving surprises to us. Whether good or bad we need to survive it. It should be cherished in all forms.


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