Nowhere but here…


As the raindrops settled on the window pane Henry Buffed them off only to get amazed to see them settle there for quite a while before dripping. Henry wanted to win once and buff them before they could fall themselves. It seemed those raindrops were playing with him.

Sarah observed him doing it for quite a while and wanted to help him understand the secret behind it but she loved to see his innocence. She knew his eight months mind won’t understand these theories of life and he would learn himself as a process of growing up.

How amazing it is to realize the laws of nature all by ourselves. Some things are simply learnt as we grow up but we never realize our strength of understanding. If with time and age a child understands that he can’t buff the raindrops from the other side of the glass then why can’t the same child understand that to find his true strength he doesn’t need someone else’s help. Our true strength resides nowhere but inside our own self.

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