The Realm of Perception



Each and every one of us live in a world created by our own perception. We interpret things based on our understanding and never mind whether it’s  right or wrong. As a person may look at a glass as half-filled and other person may look at the same glass as half empty and neither of them are actually wrong. So, it’s our perception of things and people around us which govern our way of reacting to them.Human perceptions are different from person to person.

So if a person thinks there’s nothing left for him in this world then indeed there’s nothing left. Even if he has a thousands of things left with him he won’t be able to perceive as he already perceived the emptiness. Every one of us limit our own field of vision as the reality and anything out of this limit seems to be a myth.

Only human perception has the power to open the door between known and unknown. The fact is we all have created our own world which may look unique to us but for others it may look different as they have their own perceptions. As a lie has multiple counter parts similarly a reality can be split into multiple realities. But only a small Portion of it may be perceived and rest remains far from our perception.

Someone rightly said “It’s all in the mind”. We see what our mind allows us to see and everything else may look like a lie or even if it’s visible we don’t bother to see them.

“Your eyes will see what your mind is open to take. If you have created the vision of hell in your mind, even heaven may look like an evil dirty filthy hell. Such is the power of human perception.”

Question is- “How to change your perception?”

The only possible way to change your perception for good is to realize your true strength and accept your weaknesses. You should always have a clear image of yourself in your mind so that you can identify your field of improvement. You have to push your way out of the world of your misconceptions and start rethinking your judgment about things and situation around you.

“The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other people’s perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an awareness of you.”- Roy T. Bennett.


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