World of Imagination


The world of imagination can help solve many problems. It can indulge creativity in your mind and inspires art. But if your mind is totally lost into the Imaginary world, it may have some atrocious impacts as well.

Imaginary world is that world where we imagine new adventures and visualize future which doesn’t really exists. The mind takes all the risks and wander freely so as to assist creativity. But when we set our mind free into the world of iimagination, it do turns out to be more obsessive and compulsive. It may affect our normal day to day life.

You should know when to stop your mind from getting out of control and crossing the boundaries of reality and fantasy. First thing first, you should keep track of your fantasies and see whether your imagination is useful or not. Second, you should be able to segregate your imaginary contents into beneficial and non beneficial ones. In short you have to identify the valuable, creative and inspiring imagination and using them for good.

Sometimes these imaginary contents serve as the cause of our distress and anxiety. One possible reason behind it may be the lack of awareness about our goals. If we are aware of our goals we will be able to direct our imaginations into the correct path.


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