Self Harm is not an option to be chosen…


You are going through a lot of stress nowadays I know. You pass through the noisy though dead with the feelings corridor. People call you with different names, they label you but not a single word is true. You feel the anger and the anguish but you hide these feelings from them. You keep yourself in an
Distant place where no one can reach.

You have your own reasons. You were never prepared for the change. The thought of going into a new place far from your home seemed so exciting once but now that you are here you no more feel prepared. You are under a little more pressure, having a little more fear, feeling a little less love. Your anger makes you weak. You never knew your emotions could fall so deep that they would end up hurting you. You try to wash these feelings away. But the voices echo in your ears. You even tried the thing you could do the best. You try to write but that couldn’t help you either and the anger doesn’t leave. Finally you found your own way. You went ahead and did it. The pain destroyed all other feelings but would this solve anything or will fail you.

Your sleeves can cover the scars from others but how could you hide them from yourself. Its time for realizing the need of self healing. You need a little more support and you could ask for help. You don’t deserve all this pain and the scars. There are lots of positive ways to release your negative feelings, you just have to find them. You could write because I know you love writing. And what about your friends. They love you and they care for you. You could talk to them about your problems. I know you’re scared to share it with your mom and dad but I can assure, they will understand you. I know all this because I’m the better you.


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