A Self Revelation


This year brought me a new Revelation turning me into a totally new person. From a college girl to a professional. But this new person is happy unlike the one who was always confused. The one who finally knew that people have started treating her like a damaged and broken entity who needs to be fixed rather than a person who needs to be treated like what she is. The person who finally came out of a long Waiting which otherwise would have taken a whole lifetime.

It didn’t feel that good to stop but she managed to come out of it somehow. Letting go of the people and situation which never understood her. It was hard to let go but the truth is they never understood what I wanted and I was tired of giving them what they wanted. I might have hurt a lot of people but that’s part of life. Choose to die once rather than dying a little each day.

You can’t make people understand that your presence can make things worse for them and you too. Sometimes when people grow they grow apart. It was the year I finally realized that to be truly happy you have to jump from the borderline. You can’t just stand there getting yourself all the more confused. How it all came to this only the devil knows. To my right was the days upon days of my life with no meaning, burden of doing wrong to someone, burning secrets which won’t just ever die away, cold eyes of the ones who wanted and expected a lot from me, being the bad one for everyone even after trying a lot to make them happy. And to my left was the beautiful blue sky and forest which stretches out to the never ending nothing, an infinity.

I decided to hang on there for a moment because its not the time yet. I know it will take time for them to get over me and also to me  for getting over them. But the time will come when everyone will be busy in there own life and soon no one will bother.


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