Only “Me” can help “Myself”……

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Do you believe in magic? Well, I never did  until one happened to me. I’m not talking about Harry Potter or a secret world inside the wardrobe with mysterious creatures or a rabbit turning into a hideous beast or a true love’s kiss breaking the curse. I didn’t get a magic wand or something but of all the unexpected things that could have happened I ended up meeting this person that day.

As a child I always looked for inspiration in Paragons who did great deal of things for themselves and society. I considered them as my ideals and wanted to be just like one of them. But that day failing from all the sides and ending up into a situation where no one could have possibly inspired me I found my true ideal. Looking at the mirror with pain and fear of failure in my eyes I found the person who could have truly guided me and have been my true ideal. That person was no legend or Paragon, it was me. I found my ideal in me. That was the most magical moment of my life when I finally understood that only me can help myself and only my soul can guide my life.

“Do no look for that ideal person to be with, be that ideal person.”
Jeffrey Fry



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