We Create our own life

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about Creating yourself.”- George Bernard Shaw

We often end up saying that life has made us what we are, but the reality is we have made our life whatever it is. The biggest truth of nature is that, we create our own life. Whether it’s what we always wanted it to be or we never wanted it to be, all of it is created by us.

If you spend your life regretting about the mistakes you have made, you won’t be able to move ahead. But if you try to learn from those mistakes you would definitely be able to live a better life. If you keep complaining that you never got the chance to fulfill your dreams, you won’t be able to fulfill them ever. But if understand that you have to take your chances as it can never be given until you seek it, you will surely get closer to your dreams.

Many of us believe that everything we have or we are about to get is governed by some eternal energy. In reality, this eternal energy is nothing but our own action. Our actions and words guide us in creating our own life. If we try to be a better person for someone then in that process also we are creating something inside of us which in return helps us in living a better life.

Every choice we make should be wise enough to guide us through a path which is right for us. It is we who can make a life worth living for ourselves and no one else can. So, next time when you have a choice keep your mind and soul open so as to judge it. Either you could be a manger of your life or a destroyer, based on the choices you make or the chances you take.


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