The Wheel of Time….

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“As the Wheel of Time turns, places wear many names. Men wear many names, many faces. Different faces, but always the same man. Yet no one knows the Great Pattern the Wheel weaves, or even the Pattern of an Age. We can only watch, and study, and hope.” ― Robert Jordan, The Eye of the World

No one has the power to stop the wheel of time, it’s ever moving and can never be stopped. We humans are sitting on the great chariot of life which is running on the wheel of time. It never pity or show mercy on anyone but crushes down whoever comes in it’s way. We all try hard to control it but the truth that it’s already obstreperous is known by only few. Whoever knows the truth never tries to stop it but learns to come in terms with it.

We often say that ‘the time has not yet come’ but there might be a possibility that the time has already gone. So, postponing something or waiting for the right time is a folly. Realization of the power of time is one of the most important lesson of life. We can grow but we can grow with time only when we know the reality.

There are no endings and never will be endings, to the turning of Wheel of Time.


We Create our own life

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about Creating yourself.”- George Bernard Shaw

We often end up saying that life has made us what we are, but the reality is we have made our life whatever it is. The biggest truth of nature is that, we create our own life. Whether it’s what we always wanted it to be or we never wanted it to be, all of it is created by us.

If you spend your life regretting about the mistakes you have made, you won’t be able to move ahead. But if you try to learn from those mistakes you would definitely be able to live a better life. If you keep complaining that you never got the chance to fulfill your dreams, you won’t be able to fulfill them ever. But if understand that you have to take your chances as it can never be given until you seek it, you will surely get closer to your dreams.

Many of us believe that everything we have or we are about to get is governed by some eternal energy. In reality, this eternal energy is nothing but our own action. Our actions and words guide us in creating our own life. If we try to be a better person for someone then in that process also we are creating something inside of us which in return helps us in living a better life.

Every choice we make should be wise enough to guide us through a path which is right for us. It is we who can make a life worth living for ourselves and no one else can. So, next time when you have a choice keep your mind and soul open so as to judge it. Either you could be a manger of your life or a destroyer, based on the choices you make or the chances you take.

Only “Me” can help “Myself”……

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Do you believe in magic? Well, I never did  until one happened to me. I’m not talking about Harry Potter or a secret world inside the wardrobe with mysterious creatures or a rabbit turning into a hideous beast or a true love’s kiss breaking the curse. I didn’t get a magic wand or something but of all the unexpected things that could have happened I ended up meeting this person that day.

As a child I always looked for inspiration in Paragons who did great deal of things for themselves and society. I considered them as my ideals and wanted to be just like one of them. But that day failing from all the sides and ending up into a situation where no one could have possibly inspired me I found my true ideal. Looking at the mirror with pain and fear of failure in my eyes I found the person who could have truly guided me and have been my true ideal. That person was no legend or Paragon, it was me. I found my ideal in me. That was the most magical moment of my life when I finally understood that only me can help myself and only my soul can guide my life.

“Do no look for that ideal person to be with, be that ideal person.”
Jeffrey Fry


Trust Your Instincts

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As we grow old, we gain the ability to judge between right and wrong. At times we do get caught in between these two words and are unable to get into a fair calculation. That’s when we get this feeling within ourselves which can solve all the equations. But most of the time it remains unattended within us as we keep ignoring it.

Since the majority deems something to be right, we blindly believe them and consider it as right. Never bother about the hump or feeling that comes from inside of us. Day to day life does offer a lot of such situations to us which require our instincts to communicate. There are chances that the most terrible mistake we ever committed could have been completely avoided only if we had given enough attention to our instincts.

We often create a veil between our inner instincts and obvious realities which never allows our inner voice to reach our mind. The only escape is to Puncture through this veil and reach out to our inner feelings or voices. This inner intuition was always there inside of us but we never allowed our trust to surpass the boundary of doubts.

“Intuition is always right in at least two important ways;
It is always in response to something.
it always has your best interest at heart”― Gavin de Becker, The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us from Violence

Our instinct plays a very major role in our life as it helps us in understanding the right purpose in everything we do or every path we choose. It prevents us from the wrong direction when we find ourselves stuck at a point where nothing seems right. It only requires our trust to help us become who we really are and get what we really should get.

Yet to let you know…


“You occupy the entire Volume of my heart and it can never be shared by anyone else.”

 I love you the way a,

 Drowning man loves air.

And it would destroy me,

To have you just a little….


I want you the way a,

Blind man wants eyes.

And it would disappoint me,

To have you just in dreams….


I need you the way a,

Chained bird needs freedom.

And it would discourage me,

To have you just in hopes….


I hold you the way a,

Leaf holds morning dew.

And it would injure me,

To have you just for a moment….


I touch you the way a,

Tide touches the shore.

And it would break me,

To have you just for a while….


I worship you the way an,

Anbeter worships god.

And it would undermine me,

To have you just in prayers….


I love you the way a,

Dying man loves breath.

And it would finish me,

To have you gone…..

Triumph Over Fear….

“To win without risk is to Triumph without glory.” – Pierre Corneille

As we all know that the greatest obstacle to the way of our success is our fear of failure. But the brave man is not the one who never fears but is someone who triumph over it. Every one of us do have our weaknesses and we fear that these weaknesses would never let us through the way of our success. But it doesn’t have to be this way, you should never let your fear hold you back from achieving the goals of your life.

Fear is but a momentary feeling for the one who can challenge his/her fear and look into its eyes only to triumph. There are but only few of us who are really strong enough to break through the curse of fear and come out as the glorious victors. Others give in to the fear and remain in its darkness forever.

There are moments when we try to escape this battle with, thinking the fear will pass soon. But is it the right thing to do. Can we always escape our fears or someday it would haunt us down and will make us so weak that we won’t be able to fight or escape. Initially it may seem difficult but if you start slowly and with one step at a time going forward to your goals, facing your biggest fears you will learn that it’s not that tough either.

The fear of loss is something which remains in everyone’s life. Since we always deny to let go, it makes us weaker enough. The day we learn to let go with no fear of loss to break us, we will be able to triumph over our weaknesses.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”Nelson Mandela

A Self Revelation


This year brought me a new Revelation turning me into a totally new person. From a college girl to a professional. But this new person is happy unlike the one who was always confused. The one who finally knew that people have started treating her like a damaged and broken entity who needs to be fixed rather than a person who needs to be treated like what she is. The person who finally came out of a long Waiting which otherwise would have taken a whole lifetime.

It didn’t feel that good to stop but she managed to come out of it somehow. Letting go of the people and situation which never understood her. It was hard to let go but the truth is they never understood what I wanted and I was tired of giving them what they wanted. I might have hurt a lot of people but that’s part of life. Choose to die once rather than dying a little each day.

You can’t make people understand that your presence can make things worse for them and you too. Sometimes when people grow they grow apart. It was the year I finally realized that to be truly happy you have to jump from the borderline. You can’t just stand there getting yourself all the more confused. How it all came to this only the devil knows. To my right was the days upon days of my life with no meaning, burden of doing wrong to someone, burning secrets which won’t just ever die away, cold eyes of the ones who wanted and expected a lot from me, being the bad one for everyone even after trying a lot to make them happy. And to my left was the beautiful blue sky and forest which stretches out to the never ending nothing, an infinity.

I decided to hang on there for a moment because its not the time yet. I know it will take time for them to get over me and also to me  for getting over them. But the time will come when everyone will be busy in there own life and soon no one will bother.