Triumph Over Fear….

“To win without risk is to Triumph without glory.” – Pierre Corneille

As we all know that the greatest obstacle to the way of our success is our fear of failure. But the brave man is not the one who never fears but is someone who triumph over it. Every one of us do have our weaknesses and we fear that these weaknesses would never let us through the way of our success. But it doesn’t have to be this way, you should never let your fear hold you back from achieving the goals of your life.

Fear is but a momentary feeling for the one who can challenge his/her fear and look into its eyes only to triumph. There are but only few of us who are really strong enough to break through the curse of fear and come out as the glorious victors. Others give in to the fear and remain in its darkness forever.

There are moments when we try to escape this battle with, thinking the fear will pass soon. But is it the right thing to do. Can we always escape our fears or someday it would haunt us down and will make us so weak that we won’t be able to fight or escape. Initially it may seem difficult but if you start slowly and with one step at a time going forward to your goals, facing your biggest fears you will learn that it’s not that tough either.

The fear of loss is something which remains in everyone’s life. Since we always deny to let go, it makes us weaker enough. The day we learn to let go with no fear of loss to break us, we will be able to triumph over our weaknesses.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”Nelson Mandela


Change is the only uniformity….


There’s always a time in our life when we find ourselves surrounded by one big black stormy cloud. We consider it as the dead end and it seems as if there is no way out. We get disheartened and depressed. Sometimes we do get caught in the mist of negativity and despair.

But as the days goes on and you think about it you will realise that life is never Uniform, it keeps on changing. No person on this earth can hold on to one form of life. It is like a journey having different stations but we are those travellers whose destination is infinity and cannot halt on one station for long. As every dark night has to end with a beautiful bright day, similarly after every sad moment, happiness will find its way back if you have enough determination to wait for it.

“Change is the only uniformity”

Change is the only uniformity when we talk about life. Always remember that each second of life is different from the previous one. If today you are sad, it doesn’t mean you will never be happy again. But for that happiness you have to make your effort. You have to believe that every thing, every person and every feeling is temporary. Life is changing so the elements associated with it. There’s always a better tomorrow waiting for you. So, the ultimate truth of life is change.

World of Imagination


The world of imagination can help solve many problems. It can indulge creativity in your mind and inspires art. But if your mind is totally lost into the Imaginary world, it may have some atrocious impacts as well.

Imaginary world is that world where we imagine new adventures and visualize future which doesn’t really exists. The mind takes all the risks and wander freely so as to assist creativity. But when we set our mind free into the world of iimagination, it do turns out to be more obsessive and compulsive. It may affect our normal day to day life.

You should know when to stop your mind from getting out of control and crossing the boundaries of reality and fantasy. First thing first, you should keep track of your fantasies and see whether your imagination is useful or not. Second, you should be able to segregate your imaginary contents into beneficial and non beneficial ones. In short you have to identify the valuable, creative and inspiring imagination and using them for good.

Sometimes these imaginary contents serve as the cause of our distress and anxiety. One possible reason behind it may be the lack of awareness about our goals. If we are aware of our goals we will be able to direct our imaginations into the correct path.

Letting Go…..


All of us go through a tough past. We all get hurt sometimes and it’s really hard to come out of it. There’s always a part of you trapped in that painful past. But the truth is how you deal with that pain is more important than the pain itself. What would you do with your painful past? Would you leave it behind and move ahead to live a happy life? Or would you stay connected with it and hurt yourself for the rest of your life?

People cannot change their past, what’s done is done. We can only let go of it and move on to make our present better. We often end up regretting our past and cursing ourselves for all our wrong choices. Sometimes we blame ourselves and other times we blame others. Regretting your past others won’t help you and blaming others will not solve a thing.

“The one who never gets done with the past, can never let his/her wounds heal…”

As you know touching the same wound over and over again would never let it heal, it will only make it worse. You have to understand that the music of life is not always relaxing and soft, it may get Brassy sometimes but to live is to enjoy it in all its form.

Four effective ways to let go of your Past

You can only let go of the past to stop it from hurting you. You have to make place for new moments and stop remembering hurtful memories.

1. Let go what’s hurting you.

Nothing really can hurt if you make your mind not to get hurt. If you keep holding the broken pieces of glass, it will only cause pain and nothing else. What’s broken is broken you can’t fix it. So, stop holding back you painful past, let it go.

2. Start sharing with your loved ones.

Sharing your pain with others will help you in many ways. But the fact is most of us never share our pain with anyone. This is not going to help you in any way. You have to open up your heart to your family and friends. They will surely understand and help you to come out of it. As hiding a wound will not heal it, it will only make is worse.

3. Stop regretting your choices.

We always regret our wrong choices and keep blaming ourselves. Will this solve anything? We are humans not gods and humans do mistakes. So either its you or someone else who did wrong, you have to forgive and move on. Mistakes are not for regretting, they are for learning something new about life.

4. Now is what you have.

Live in the present because this is what you have. Past is gone for good and holding onto it will only hurt you. Stop remembering your past and come out of it and live in present. If you live in the present and indulge into it you won’t have your past to trouble you.

“The only way to give your soul exile from the clutches of past is to let go of the past that hurts you. Move on for a better present only to never repeat mistakes of the past.”

Imagination: The glory of life


“If you cannot imagine the vision of your dreams how are you ever going to get them. It will be there in front of you all your life but you won’t be able to see it. If you have a strong imagination you could be anything, you could be anywhere and you could be anyone. People can  bind you through boundaries but no one out there has the power to bind your imagination.”

All of us know about time travelers but how many of us believe in them. have you tried knowing what made them travel through time. The answer may be or may not be their imagination. They had such strong imaginations that they broke the boundaries of time but we doesn’t have even a quarter of it to reach there.

This is the story of two captive birds. Every one of us get something as a legacy, they got captivity as a part of their legacy. They had big beautiful wings but they didn’t know how to flap them to fly. But even in that captive condition one of them would always tell the other one that when he will make his first flight it would amaze every one. He would flap his wings with such energy and strength that it  will create turbulence on earth and his soar would be so high that his wings will touch the clouds. The other one would always laugh at him and would consider him as a day dreamer. He learnt to compromise with his condition and accepted it as his ultimate future.  As the days went by both of them grew older and theirs wings grew stronger but only one of them could imagine the strength of his wings and for the other it was just another thing which will be there with him but he won’t be able to use it.

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”- Oscar Wilde.

One fine day the holy gods showered mercy on them and someone did come to release them from their captivity only to give them another one.

“We have only this opportunity. We have to fly or we’ll be always captives.” The day dreamer asked his fellow bird.

“But how to escape? We don’t know how to fly.” The other one replied.

“You are a bird and you have wings so you can fly.”

“But I never tried that before.”

“There’s always a first time and life never gives you second chance.” The day dreamer said and when the moment came the day dreamer flew to the sky with wings wide open and with such strong flight that no one could keep him captive anymore. His flight did create a turbulence and his soar did reach the clouds. But the other one couldn’t move his wings, his fear stopped him from taking his chances and forced him to captivity again.

What made one bird break his captivity and other one remain captive forever?

The answer is lack of “Imagination”. Your imagination needs no experience or knowledge. It is like a bird with wings wide open soaring high and deep in the sky. Your imagination can break all the barriers setting you free enough to overcome all you weaknesses.

“ The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”- J.M. Barrie.

Nowhere but here…


As the raindrops settled on the window pane Henry Buffed them off only to get amazed to see them settle there for quite a while before dripping. Henry wanted to win once and buff them before they could fall themselves. It seemed those raindrops were playing with him.

Sarah observed him doing it for quite a while and wanted to help him understand the secret behind it but she loved to see his innocence. She knew his eight months mind won’t understand these theories of life and he would learn himself as a process of growing up.

How amazing it is to realize the laws of nature all by ourselves. Some things are simply learnt as we grow up but we never realize our strength of understanding. If with time and age a child understands that he can’t buff the raindrops from the other side of the glass then why can’t the same child understand that to find his true strength he doesn’t need someone else’s help. Our true strength resides nowhere but inside our own self.